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  • June 23-24, 2018 - Kincaid Estate Auction

June 23-24, 2018 - Kincaid Estate Auction

Kincaid Estate Auction

2- days 2 locations 2 starting times

Saturday June 23rd  - Will be held at the Red Willow County Fair Grounds 4- H building

McCook Nebraska- North on highway 83 turn east on Q Street go east until you see the Fairgrounds.

Sunday June 24th. At the residence – on Highway 6 & 34 Turn north on Hospital Road Follow oil road 3.4 miles turn east on 719 follow road until you reach the Calabria Sub Division. Turn South into Sub Division and follow road to auction site.

Saturday- Preview Firearms  8 am- 12 noon CT

Auction Starts at 9:30 am selling – Starting with Ammo and Reloading items.  Firearms will sell at 12 Noon

 check back soon for photos

Sunday – Auction Starts at 12 Noon CT

Lunch both days


Saturday June 23rd Auction

-Firearms –

Rifles- Shot Guns-Pistols-Black Power- BB & Pellet



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Mannlicher -Schongauer Model 1930 System  .223   SN 5098B

Marline Model 60  .22 caliber semi-auto wood stock SN 14505294

Marlin Lever Action Model 336  30-30 Caliber wood stock  SN 25058447

Savage Bolt Action Model MK 11  .22 caliber bolt action Deerfield 6x12  scope  SN 704584

Semi-Auto  Model AKS 762 Cab. 7.62x39mm Bayonet  SN PW-85-752-260

K31 Sig-Swiss  7.5x55 caliber Military Style  SN  225933

Winchester 94 Classic  30-30 engraved   SN  3014412

Remington 700 action Custom Unknown caliber Weaver CT 36 Microtrac  No SN

Remington 700  Model 300 Ultra Mag Bolt Action 300 Sightron S116 24x24 Fluted Bbl  SN S6343861

R1A1 Sporter FAL .308 Cal. Bolt Action Redifiled 3x9X Scope  SN 109103

Remington  Model 700 22.250 Bolt Action Bases Only Fancy wood stock SN E6343020

Remington  Model 700 .308 Cal. Bolt Action Heavy BBL 6.5x20 Burris Full field Scope

SN F6246290

Forster 15580 Model L579  .243 Cal. Bolt Action Leupold 12x Scope SN 15580

Tikka Model 695 .270 Winchester Bolt Action Leupold VXii 6x18 Scope Wood Stock SN 253152

Universal Arms M1 Carbine .30 Cal Carbine iron sights, wood stock SN 386672

Remington M. 700 .243 Cal.  Walnut Stock Bolt Action 3-9x40 Leupold Scope, , SN C6523648

Goodling Bdl Remington 700 axn 6 mmx 284 Custom Bolt Action Ultimate Sniper Stock Nightforce 8x332x56

Remington Model 700 .223 Cal. Bolt Action Leupold VXLL 6x18 Scope SN E6639269

Navy Arms Mod 66 Yellowboy  .45 Lever Action Bass receiver octagon bbl  SN 80030

Rock River Arms AR15 Auto 0.556 Leupold VX-3 6.5-20 40 MM SN KT 1130669

Cooper Arms Model 22  Leupold Vx13 Long range 8.5-25x50 MM Custom Gun  SN 65284

HS Precision Pro Series 200 SA .204 Ruger Bolt Action Leupold Vx3 6.5-20x40 mm

Custom with 1908 Receiver  .243 caliber Bolt Action  Burris 6x18 Fullfield

Sako 3 Model 3  ..-250 cal. Bolt Action Leupold Competition 35x45 mm

Carl Gustafs Stads  Gevarsfaktori 1915   SN 348437

Tikka  T3 Bolt Action .270 Win Short Mag Leupold Vx3 4.5  -14x50 mm  SN 444284

SKS Lac Billerca MA  7.62x39 MM  Semi Auto  SN 1303503

Bushmaster  Model xm15-e2s   223-556  Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x50 Speicalized mag pul AR

SKS No markings 7.69x39 mm  Burris 4x mini

Custom  Bolt Action .43 reciever Burris 3x9 fullfield Breech loader  SN HK99631

Taylor’s and Co.  Armi Sport .45-70 Govt. oct bbl, set triggers Breech loader

US Springfield 1863 Large Cal.  45-70  SN 18035

Custom Rem 700 Receiver Krieger BBL 6.5x284 Nightforce SHV4-14x56


Browning Model BPS Invect. 12 Gauge 2 ¾-3 ½ Pump   SN 41048NM152

Crescent-Davis  410 Single Shot

Montgomery Ward 16 Gauge SXS Double Side x side

Stevens Model 311 A 12 Gauge  SXS

Western Field  12 Gauge Single Shot SB100B

Browning Model A5 12 Gauge Auto Semi  Multiple bbls

Tri-Star Cobra 12 Gauge Pump  SN  H9A2995

Remington Model 870 EXP 12 Gauge Pump  SN RS65892C


Daisy  Red Ryder BB Model 1938B   SN 5525

Daisy Model 25 BB engraved

Daisy Model 499B  BB Single Shot Peep Sight  SN 000658

Daisy Model 880 BB    BB/Pellet    SN 410529

Daisy Model 95 BB Single Shot  SN C080851

Daisy Model 840 BB    BB/Pellet  Grizzly

Unbranded Pellet  Pellet .177

Daisy Model 25 Apart in Box

Daisy Model 25  BB  Plastic  SN B019365

Daisy Model 25 BB Wood

Diana 48 0.177 Pellet single pump air rifle German RWS scope 4x32


Traditions Vorteck .50 1/28 Leupold 6-18  -30061

Lyman A5443 Great Plains .54 Cal   Oct bbl set triggers

Thompson Ce Renegade .54 Cal Oct bbl set triggers

BP   Optima prc .50 Cal   61-13-009527-05


Fabrique Nationale D’armes De Guerre    Herstal Belgique  9mm      SN 185962

Ruger Blackhawk  .357 Caliber  6” Bbl Wood Grips                            SN 130290

Pietta F Lli Pietta   Black Powder  .36 Navy 6” Oct Bbl, Brass Receiver SN B5453

EIG   E15  .22 Caliber Single Action                                                     SN 349194

Harrington & Richardson Sportsman   0.22 Double Action                 SN 87465

Glock   17 Gen 2 9 MM                                                                       SN HG472US

Taurus  PT101 Stainless  .40 S & W                                                     SN  SOB45037

Smith & Wesson Model 411  .40 S & W Blued                                    SN VBF6493

Ruger MK ll Target  .22 Caliber Bull Barrell Stainless Tasco Propoint Optic    SN 213-07761

H Schmidt  Model 215 .22 Caliber Made in West Germany Faux Ivory Grip   SN 544504

Colt Detective Special .38 Special 2” bbl Wood Grips                         SN C44184

Taurus Ultralight Titanium .38 Speical 2”Bbl 5 shot                            SN 38374

Thompson Center  45/410 .45 Colt  Break Action SSp Adj. Sights      SN 311287

Spesco Patent ‘N’ .36 Navy Black Power Engraved Cylinder              SN 10316

Smith & Wesson CTG .38 Special Original Grips 4” bbl.                     SN 837854

Taurus 2” .38 Special Walnut Grip                                                      SN JA54228

Jennings Bryco 38  .380 Auto Blued                                                    SN 413585

Walther P22 .22 Caliber                                                                     SN L139090

Star 7.65x32/32 Auto Plastic Grips                                                     SN 969622

JP Sauer & Sohn/Hawes Firearms Co. Western Marshal .44 Mag Brass Receiver,

                                Walnut Grips  6” bbl.                                                     SN 443914

Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk .44 Mag 8” bbl. Wood Grips     SN 82-84059

Ruger Vaquero .45 LC Stainless Walnut Grips                                    SN 56-52342

New England Firearms R92 .22 Caliber                                               SN NE012969

Performance Center 2000 Mod 3 Scholfield .45 Schofield                 SN WFC1878

Baikal IJ-70 99 MM Makarov Russian                                                 SN A039403

Colt Mod of 1911 US Army .45 Caliber War-Carried US Property full frame

Colt Mfg. Commander .45 4” bbl.                                                       SN 32046-LW


DSCN1847DSCN1848 1

Kissing Crane KC 458 Rostfrei German GE 3.5” Blade Antler handle folding Hand Snake Sheath

Buck 110 3.5” blade

CRKT Obake Burnky   Kydex sheath/fitted wrapped Handle

Winchester Surgical Stainless 4” Blade Multicolored wood grip

Camillus K-bar Style Leather grip and sheath

Stainless Steel Folding Pioneer branding

G.C Co Hunting Knife German 4” fixed Antler Handle

Bench made Lerch 2” blade

Bauer Straight-Edge Pippin

Benchman Mel Pardue 5500 3” folding

Wade + Butcher Straight Edge Razor

Ja Henkels German Straight Edge

Ronning Mora Sweden Filet Knife

Winchester Multitool Large (new in box)

Buck 382 Trapper (new in box)

Cabela’s Swiss LED multitool

Pakistani Bowie Knife 9”

Hand made Damascus 4.25” Bone Handle Leather Sheath

Folding 3” Knife

K-Bar Style 5”

Sharp Limited Choking Cutlery Wildlife Collector Series with case

2- Handmade Damascus one 3.5” blade one 3.25” blade custom sheath wood and bone handle

Bench made K5 Tactical Marc A Lee Memorial 6.25” Tactical Sheath

Ak47 CCCP 475” Blade Wood in lay grip Gun mount case

Buck Matt Leathers Memorial 4.5” Blade Kydex fitted sheath camo grip new in box

Bench made Mel Perdue 3” folding

Hand-made Hammered steel blade 3.25” long antler grip

Parker Edwards Damascus Straight edge bone grip

Camillus Pocket Knife 2 blade

J. Eriksson Sweden 5” blade wood handle

Schrader Old Timer 2” blade NIB

Camillus2 blade folding

New Saber 4 tools 2” Deer Engraving

Wildlife Collection Commemorative Eagle Print on grip gold planting

Western Bowie Knife 9” Wood Grip Leather Sheath

Winchester Folding 3” Pocket clip

Camillus # 1014 Sword brand 7” handle faux antler handle Leather sheath

Assortment of Filet Knifes

Colt Skinning Knife 4.5” Blade

Schneidteufel Germany 5” blade Custom metal sheath

Gerber Hunting knife

Western USA boot knife 2 sided fixed 3.5” blade

Assortment of other knifes too numerous to mention


Approximately over 20,000 rounds of multiple Calibers     

Large Assortment of Reloading equipment

Large Assortment of Tumblers, Power Trimmer, and Powder

Power Trimmer

2- Digital Scales


Gun Safe

IMG 0117 1


Dillon Precision  Reloader SL900

Assortment of Reloaders with all dies

IMG 0054 1DSCN1842IMG 0097

You won’t be disappointed.   Many Ammo and Related items to numerous too mention

Hunting items

Assortment of Bows

Assortment of Arrows

Assortment of Decoys, Geese, Duck, Dove

Cabela’s Northern Flight Duck Decoys (new in box)

Gun Cases

Gun Cleaning kits

Ammo Boxes

Large assortment of Wads, Shell Cases, and misc. reloading tools

Assortment of Game Calls

Large Assortment of Binoculars

Large Assortment of Scopes, Simmons, Burris, Konus, Ultcolux

Assortment of Led

Any Questions you may have on the above firearms call

Adam Wolford 308-340-3545

ALL Gun laws will be in effect- all paper work will be done by Armadillo Arms and Sporting Goods LLC  Matt and Larry Eden.   210 Airport Road.   All firearms will be sold & paid for at the 4-H Fair Grounds building in McCook, and then Transported to the Armadillo Arms and Sporting Goods at 210 Airport Road. Where you will be able to pick them up, after completion of the paper work.

Gun Buyers -A $12.50 fee will be added per gun to cover paper work on the firearm

Sunday June 24th

Location- Sunday June 24th. At the residence – on Highway 6 & 34 Turn north on Hospital Road Follow oil road 3.4 miles turn east on 719 follow road until you reach the Calabria Sub Division. Turn South into Sub Division, and follow road to auction site.

Auction Time- 12 Noon

Lunch will be served

IMG 0075IMG 0077IMG 0078

IMG 0093 1IMG 0085 1IMG 0087 1

2000 Yacht Club Pontoon and Trailer with new 2017 Evinrude E-Tec Outboard Motor  (only 1 hr & 15 min. on it E-XEAC -E-Tec Model E75DSLAFD sn 005073367). With live wells, awning,  Garmin Depth finder. Set up on 2013 Trailer

IMG 0060 1IMG 0068IMG 0069

2004 Keystone Gooseneck 5th wheel  Camper Trailer with slide outs

IMG 0074 1

 5x10 Utility Trailer with rear ramp


IMG 0073

1996  2 wheel Boat Trailer 

1962- Older Boat, and trailer 16 ft  w. Evinrude  55 hp motor and trailer (Arleigh was going to make this into hunting boat)


IMG 0037IMG 0111IMG 0041


J.D. EZ Trac. Mowers- with bagger 209 hrs

Marty J Model 1800 Riding mower 146 Sn SN1127 with 50 mower Deck

Marty J OHZ Model 1800 Riding mower128 hrs w/ Brute Bagging system # 1820 w/ 50” SLD front mt deck mower

Harrow-spike tooth

IMG 0016 1IMG 0012 1IMG 0018 1


IMG 0015 1IMG 0013 1

Homelight HTC 12 Yard Tiller

Craftsman 6.0 Self Prop. Mower 22” cut Front drive w/ bagger

Husquarna Weed Eater

Snapper HIvac 5 hp 22” cut Self Prop. Mower

Arie MS Self Prop. 22” cut mower with bagger

Jacobsen Homelite self prop. 4 hp 22” cut  mower with bagger

Murray 22” cut 5 hmp mower

J.D. 524 Snow Blower

IMG 0024 1

Vanguard 9 hp Chipper/Shredder

IMG 0017 1


IMG 0023 1IMG 0034IMG 0032

Montezuma Tool chest 10 drawers plus cabinet, black (nice)

Rockwell Upright Drill Press

DeWalt DW75B Bench Grinder

Craftsman 2.5 hp 10” Table Saw

Craftsman 10” Compound Miter saw

OIT small Bench Top Drill Press

Milwaukee Heady Duty Sawzall saw

5” Shop Vise

Air Products Arc Welder

Acetylene Torch Cart and Bottles

Campbell Hausfield Field 5 hp 30 gallon Upright Shop Air compressor with Chucks

Bostitch- Wrench Set MM 8 pc set

Stanley 16 pc Socket set wrenches metric and standard

Stanley 10 pc. Socket set metric

Assortment of Craftsman Hand Wrenches

Large assortment of Wrenches

Large assortment of Crescent wrenches

Assortment of Allen Wrenches

Tire Wrenches

Assortment of C clamps

2- Moving Carts

Dremel Tool

B & D Hand Saw

DeWalt Drills

B & D Jig Saw

Milwaukee Hand Grinder

Sledge Hammers

Mr. Heaters 175,000 BMT Contractor Stove

Kerosene Heaters

Large Assortment of Drill Bits


Assortment of Gas Cans

Grease Guns

Handyman Jack

2- 12 volt Shot lights

Assortment of Ladders

Rechargeable Spot light

Tape Measures

Nut Drivers

Assortment of Screw Drivers

Large assortment of plyers

Voltage Testers

Assortment of Files

Assortment of hammers

Shop Lights

Assortment of Heaters and Fans

Large Assortment of Log Chains and Boomers

Assortment of Shovels, Rakes, Pitch Forks

Saw Horses

Chain Saws, Oregon, Pro Lite, and Poulan Pro 46 Cc with Case

2- Stihl Chain Saws

Hedge Trimmers

Large Assortment of Garden items, Tractor Sprinklers, Sprinklers, Hedge trimmers, sprayers

Large Assortment of Hand Sprayers

Assortment of Steel Posts

Electric Wire

Large Assortment of Rope

Gas Can

Shop Stools

Craftsman Shop Vac wet/dry

Assortment of Copper Pipe

Floor Jacks

Napa Battery Charger

Receiver Hitches

Cement Trowels

Drywall trowels

Paint Sprayer


Fimco Sprayer 30 Gallon hand held and booms


Large Assortment of Coolers

Camp Stove

Camp Light

5 Gallon Water Jugs

Outers Blue Rock Thrower


Large assortment of Golf Clubs

Large Assortment of Golf Balls

Large Assortment of Fishing Poles, tackle boxes, and All Fishing supplies

Radio Control Air Plane

Horse Shoes

Brunkman All Purpose Propane Cooker

Assortment of Sleeping Bags

Picnic Baskets


Tri pod Grill and Lantern Hanger

Antiques- Collectibles -Household and Misc. items


Antique Camel Back Trunk

Antique News Stand

Assortment of Antique Quilts

Cast Iron Skillets


ABS machine

Large Assortment of Christmas and Holiday items

Dog Crates

2- drawer filing cabinet

Drop Leaf Table with 2 chairs

IMG 0008

End Tables

2- Wooden Stools

Red Folding Round Table and Folding Chairs

4 Cane and Wood Stools

Assortment of Baskets

Mitsubish 65” Color TV

3 pc. Bedroom set Queen Size

Assortment of Suitcases

Computer Desk

Canning Jars

Assortment of Craft Items


Owners:  Arleigh Kincaid Estate-

Brenda Kincaid P.R.


Auctioneers Note: Make plans to attend this outstanding Estate Auction.  Large Selection of items both days.  Mark your calendars now you will not be disappointed.   Thanks for attending our auctions we appreciate your business.

Sale Conducted by:

Fanning Auction


Vrbas Auction

Auction Terms

Terms:  Announcements made by auctioneer on day of sale take precedence over anything written or implied.  Complete payment sale day.  Cash or pre-approved check, No Credit Cards, No property to be removed until settled for.  Not responsible for accidents.  All items sold as is.  Nebraska sales tax will be applied.

All absentee-bids, internet or cellular phones must be approved 48 hours in advance - NO EXCEPTIONS - Call Fanning Auction for instructions.

Thank you for attending our auctions. We appreciate your business.