Castle Tool and Shop Equipment Auction

Castle Tool and Shop Equipment Auction

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RESULTS-- Castle Farm Auction-- RESULTS

 Results -- CASTLE FARM AUCTION -- Results 

 Friday January 26th 2024

Location- From Imperial Nebraska – highway 6 & 61 Jct (T Junction /Bomgaars) north on highway 61 11.7 miles Turn west on 749 Road go 1.9 miles Turn north on 331 Ave go ½ mile to Auction Site 

From Grant, Nebraska – From Grant West Jct Highway 23 & 61 go east 3 miles to East Jct Highway 23 & 61 Turn  South on highway 61 go 12 miles south turn west on 749 Road go 1.9 miles Turn north on 331 Ave go ½ mile to Auction Site

(Roads will be marked)

Auction Time:  9:30 am M.T. 

Auction Schedule : 9:30 am M.T.Live auction starting on the Livestock items

                             11:00 am M.T.  Start on Large Items the Internet and live auction items,

                                                                       Internet bidding see


                                         Lunch will be served- BunkHouse Creations  308-587-2475        


INTERNET BIDDING - items on internet marked with *I

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 Selling at Live Auction and Internet Auction at 11:00 am  M.T.  SHARP



Castle tractor 3Castle tractorc biCastle bi


c semic semi trailer

Castle combine 1c corn headc head

*I 2009 New Holland Model TV6070 Bi Directional 2903 hrs. 4 remotes front, 3 remotes rear Quick Hitch, 3 pt. 540/1000 PTO both ends w/ bucket, grapple and pallet forks, rear weights SN RVS05773  SOLD  $90,500.00

*I 1994 New Holland Model 9030 Bi Directional 5111 hrs. 3 remotes front, 2 remotes rear 3 pt.   540/1000 PTO both ends w/ bucket, grapple, SN D200549       SOLD $ 49,500.00

*I 1995 New Holland Model 8970 Tractor MFWD 6367 hours, New Holland FM-750 GPS Auto Steer, Electric Integrated Steering wheel, 4 hyd, 3 pt, PTO Quick Hitch 16 Front Weights,, Rear Weights, Rear 18.4x46 w/ Duals, Front 380/85R30 rubber excellent  SN 408304  SOLD $ 71,000.00

*I 1997 New Holland Model 8670 Tractor MFWD Hrs. 5456 New Holland FM-750 GPS Auto Steer, electric Intergrated Steering wheel 4 hyds, 3 pt. PTO, Quick Hitch 22 Front Weights Rear Weights, Rear 18.4x42 w/ Duals Front 380/74R30 Rubber excellent SN 413224  SOLD 58,000.00

*I 2000 John Deere Combine Model 9550 4276 Engine hrs. 3305 Separator hrs. w/ Maurer Bin Extension Straw Chopper 24.5-32 rubber   SN H09550W685823    SOLD 24,000.00

 *I John Deere Model 608C Corn Head Hyd. Deck plate SN H0608CX730969   SOLD $ 24,500.00

*I John Deere Model 925 Ridet Wheat Platform Bat Reel   SN H00925P656133  SOLD $3,400.00

*I Kinze Model 1040 Row Crop Grain Cart w/ scales, Roll over tarp 18.4-38 rubber SN 503140   SOLD 23,000.00

*I New Holland Model 2326 16 ft Auger Head W/ 2300 Bi D I frame   SN 622634  SOLD $ 8,000.00

*I Caldwell Grain Cart Model GC700 Tandem Axle SN 111  SOLD $600.00

*I 2001 Ford F450 4x4 Dually V10 Engine 5 speed set up w/ 12 ft Hydra Bale Bed,Belt driven,  PTO Hyd pump 136,365 miles Underneath Tool boxes             SOLD $ 18,000.00

*I 1984 Dodge 2500 1 Ton 4x4 V8 4 Speed shows 69,611 miles set up w/ Dew Eze Model 278 Bale Bed,  Belt driven PTO Hyd Pump, Tool Box SOLD $14,200.00

*I 1989 Kenworth Model T400 DayDay Cab Semi, set up w/ M11 Cummins 10 speed Reyco Spring Suspension 285/75.R24.5 Rubber Alum Front, Steel Rear Excellent rubber, brakes and drums SOLD $ 10,000.00

*I 1996 Timpte 42 ft Hopper Grain Trailer Smart Elec. Openers, on hopper, elec. Roll over tarp double row lights 11.24-.5 All alum. Excellent rubber, and brakes      SOLD $ 12,500.00

*I 2002 Featherlite Trailer G. N 7x24 Stock Trailer W. Rubber Mats (Title)  SOLD $18,500.00

*I 1974 Donahue G.N. 16 Ft Trailer Box and Hoist Steel Floor   12.00/16 rubber (Title)  SOLD 3,000.00

*I 2008 May Paoli G.N. Flatbed Trailer 25 Ft + 5 ft beaver tail dual tandem steel floor  235-80-16 wheels w/ Center fold rear ramps  SOLD $ 14,000.00

*I 1975 GMC 7500 Truck Detroit Auto Twin Screw 20 ft steel box and hoist Roll over tarp 10.00/20 rubber SOLD $ 2,600.00

*I 1500 gallon Nurse Trailer Fertilizer on running gear SOLD $1,700.00

*I HM 8 ft Utility Trailer Steel ( No Title)  SOLD $950.00

*I Hilsboro 21 ft G.N. Flatbed Trailer set up to haul large round bales  SOLD $800.00

*I 2022 Honda Rancher 4x4 IRX 420 64.4  hrs PS Auto DCT IRS Windshield  SOLD $8,000.00

*I 2022 Honda Rancher 4x4 IRX 420 77.3 hrs PS Auto DCT Windshield SOLD  $6,600.00

 *I Inernational 544 Tractor SOLD  $3,900.00

livestock trailer 2

 hay binderc pickup 2c pickup

Castle blue gc



Case planter 2Case planterplanter 520c krause

Castle rakec baler 2new holland Balerhay fork

c farm equic grinderc farm equipmentc hay thing

c bladec bush hogc mowerc orhtman farm


*I Case IH Model 1200 12 Row 30” Stacker Planter John blue Fertilizer Pump and openers, Red Ball Fert. Attachments, Hyd Driven. Trash whippers, Markers, Lift Asst. SN CBJ02291  SOLD $ 12,000.00

*I Bush Hog Model 12515 15 ft Batwing Mower Small 1000 PTO SN 12-000252 SOLD $ 15,500.00

*I Orthman Model 836 015 12 Row 30” 1 Trippr fold up, w/ markers SN 1003-7  SOLD $ 15,000.00

*I Bessler Model 2400 12 row 30” Stalk Chopper 3 pt fold up SN 2989 SOLD $ 1,600.00

*I Sunflower Model 1433-32 ft Tandem Disc front and rear blades 23” w/ 9” spacing SN 1495-408  SOLD $ 18,500.00

*I Quinstar 35 ft Fallowmaster Model FMS 535 w/ pickers Front Gauge Wheels SN FM9011846  SOLD $ 29,000.00

*I Krause Model 4656R8 3 pt 6 row  30" Cultivator SN 1037 SOLD $ 350.00

*I Krause Model 5200 M-20 3 pt Drill 7 ½” spacing 2698 Acres SOLD $18,000.00

*I New Holland Model 144 Windrow inverter Ground Driven SN 823313  SOLD $1600.00

*I Orthman Model 603-256 Double Bar 9 Shank Ripper w/ coulters SN 284335  SOLD $ 6,250.00

*I Jeffrey 16 ft 3 pt Chisel  SOLD $ 175.00

*I Rolin Hyd post hole digger w/ auger  SOLD $ 750.00

*I Degelman 12 ft Dozer Bale, No mounts SN 13596  SOLD $ 4,000.00

*I Landpride RCM 3510 3 pt Rotary Mower converted to push BI Directional SN 423190  SOLD $3,900.00

*I Parker Model 2620 Seed Tender w/ Tandem Trailer Roll over tarp, scales, Belt Auger  SN D61120128  SOLD $ 19,500.00

*I Wind Power Generator PTO 12,500 on 2 wheel trailer  SOLD $ 750.00

*I New Holland Model 278 Square Baler w/ Hydraframatic SN 320828 SOLD $2,700.00

*I New Holland Model 560 Baler Specialty Crop, Net and Twine 6600 Bales SN YEN183156 SOLD $ 31,000.00

*I New Holland 358 Grinder Mixer with scale Bale Chute Extended Auger SN 546111  SOLD $ $10,000.00

*I Blue Jet Model MST Track Tiller 3 pt w/ Rolling packer SN 6870  SOLD 3,000.00

*I FS 100 Bushel Gravity Wagon  SOLD $700.00

*I Coldwell GC 700 Grain Cart SN 119 SOLD $ 400.00

*I Parker 2600 Gravity Wagon 400 Bushel SN 1207A  SOLD $3600.00

*I New Holland Model 1034 Bale Wagon SN 1814  SOLD $ 3,100.00

*I Big OX 3 pt 7 shank Ripper SN 735  SOLD $ 250.00

*I Farmhand Model 314 A Manure Spreader Power Box and Beater SN 3120   SOLD 4,000.00

*I 2010 FUKUMUSU Model 910 6 speed Track Sprinkler Wheel Cart SOLD 3,700.00

*I Dew Ezee Model 165-5 3 pt Bale unroller   SN BHB03  SOLD 1,900.00

*I H & S HT 14HC 14 Wheel Rake SN 10804355  SOLD $8,800.00

*I Woods 3 pt 8 ft Rear Blade Hyd 3  way  SOLD $ 700.00

*I Wernhoff Model P=1-   10 ft.  Hyd Cyd. Box Scraper SN 90807160  SOLD $ 2,000.00

*I Demco 250 gallon Fert Saddle Tanks  SOLD $ 400.00

*I Pulsa Model 340 Chemigation Unit    SOLD $10.00


Charotc pivot tire c sq. baler

Livestock items 

c man. spreadercattle sheds


feederc panels 2C posts

Bar- Six Cake Feeder on 2 wheel running gear

3 pt Livestock mover

5ft Bucket

Wool Stuffer

Portable Sq. Chute

Portable Livestock Chute

3- Moorman Feeders

4- Creep Feeders

Dual Hay Basket

2- Round Bale Feeders

5- HM Mineral Feeders with Covers

11x12 Round Top Livestock Portable Shed on skids

2- 12x22 Round Top Livestock shed on skids

28 – 6x12 6 bar Portable panels

Panel Transport- Trailer w/ 11  10 ft Steel Panels

Assortment of Steel Posts

4- HM Hay Feeders

Johnson Tank Heater

Assortment of Rod Posts

Assortment of smooth wire

My D Handy Calf Cradle

Calf Warming Box

3-12 ft Feed Bunks Poly

2-14 ft 6 bar steel gates

16 ft 6 bar steel gate

5- 16 ft 6 bar steel gates

Assortment of Wire Panels

150 Bushel Bulk Bin on Skid

300 Bushel Bulk Bin with 110 Auger Motor on skid

Calf Puller

Small Calf Hut

2-  Portable  self Feeders  (fair shape)


propane tanks

*I 4000 gallon fuel tank fill right 115 volt with meter  SOLD 4,600.00

*I 1000 gallon fill right 20 gal min. with meter 115 volt  SOLD $1,000.00

*I 2000 gallon tank 115 volt meter SOLD $ 1,900.00

2- 500 gallon Propane Tanks

125 Gallon Propane tank

Asst. of Propane Bottles

110 Fuel Tank w/12 volt pump


c augerAuger

*I Westfield MK 130-91 Auge 540 PTO Up Down Hyd, w/ Swing Hopper Hyd. SN 198815 SOLD $15,000.00

*I Westfield MK 130-91 Auger 540 PTO Up Down Hyd w/Swing Hopper Hyd SN 197336  SOLD $ 14,000.00

*I Kwick Belt Model 1848 Belt Auger w/ Drop Feeder Box Elec. Motor  SOLD $ 12,500.00

*I Feterl 10x60 Auger 15 hp Elec Motor SN W1060W00150

*I Bateo Model 15-40 Belt Auger Elec. Motor SN 159887  SOLD $ 13,000.00

*I 6 x20 ft Auger w/ 3 hp Elec. motor 

Owner- Susan Castle

Auctioneers Note- Make plans to attend this outstanding Larry Castle Estate Farm Auction.  If you like to buy well maintained, field ready, always shedded top of the line items.  This auction is for you.  Bring your trailers sale day we will load you out.  This auction is the best of both worlds, all items selling at live auction with some large items also selling on internet- on  No small items- be on time, for a quick fast auction.   Larry took excellent care of his items, and equipment.   With an excellent maintenance program.  Most items shedded, hard to find items, clean and well taken care of.   If you like and want to buy items that have had the best of care, don’t miss this auction.   Thanks for attending our auctions we appreciate your business.


Internet buyers- items you need loaded will need to be removed in one week.

Auctioneers:-  Mark Fanning,   Seth Schneider,  Justin Banzhaf  

Fanning Auction Terms




Nichols Antique and Household Auction

Date:-Saturday May 4 2024  Auction will be held rain or shine.

Location: Wauneta Nebraska- Wauneta Community Building, North End of Main Street, Tecumseh Ave.

Time – 9:30 am M.T.

        You can preview items Friday May 3rd, at the Building from 12 noon to 5 pm M.T. 

-------------Antiques and Collectibles -----------



Antique Large  Curved Glass China Cabinet

hutch 2

Curved Glass Oak Secretary

spool cabinetnichols hall treewooden ice box

Advertising Oak Spool Cabinet 6 drawer

Oak Ice Box

Hall Tree

glass cabinet

Glass Cabinet with side doors

Glass Display cabinet

Oak Wall Mount Telephone

cral leg table

Solid Quarter Oak Parlor Table w/ Claw feet

Oak Parlor Table

4 lawyer bookshelves

4 pc Barrister Bookcase


Dining Table w/ 6 Chairs, extendable 

Oak Stick & Ball Magazine Rack Portfolio Holder

Roll Top Desk

Antique Rocking Chair

Assortment of Trunks

Corner Shelving Cabinet

Collection of Hair combs 

hair pins

Collection of Jewelry

Large Collection of Hat Pins, and Hat Pin Holders

hat pin holdershat pins

Crock Jugs, Crock Bowls, Advertisement Crocks, Crock Water Jug, Assortment of Crocks various sizes

Dutch Cupboard w/ Flour and Sugar Bins

Fairbury Nebraska Bull Windmill Weight

Cast Iron Horse

bull windmill weight

                                                                                                                Advertisement items

Crock Footwarmer- Advertisement

foot warmer

Assortment of Oil lamps

Assortment of Tinware

Assortment of Bridal Basket Dishes

2- Sleep Eye Pitchers one large one small

Music Boxes

Assortment of Antique Pictures

Assortment of Spongeware, Pitchers, Bowls

Antique set of Encyclopedias

Large Assortment of Antique Books

Biscuit Jar

Occupied Japan Tea Set

Beveled Hanging mirror

Assortment of Tabacco Spit Tunes, crock and metal

Wash Stands with marble tops

Tables with marble Tops

Ice Cream Parlor Chairs

Cast Iron Toys

Childrens Rocking Chairs

Assortment of Rockers

Metal Frame Bed, Head board and Foot board

2- Metal Lawn Chairs

Ox Collar Double Yoke

Wooden Case Register (came out of Stock Jewelry Store, Wauneta, NE)

Assortment of Wauneta Bank Items

Assortment of Antique Clocks

Duck Decoys

Ink Wells


Round Oak Table cut down to be coffee Table


Wooden Blocks

Large Assortment of Arrow Heads

Large Assortment of Collectible Belt Buckels - Adult Hesston, and Childrens

Hanging Lamp, electricified

Indian Artifacts- Ax, Tools,


Candel Stick Phone, made into a lamp

Bovine Hereford Bulls assorted sizes

Antique Dressers

Carved Wooden items, different sizes

Butter Churns, crock and wooden

Ice Skates

Assortment of Jars

Kitchen Cart

Wooden Desk

Wooden Bowl 

Wooden Rolling Pins, Butter Paddle, Butter Model

Post card Books and Postcards

Wooden Pitchfork

Wooden Bent Wood Sled

Assortment of Canes, and Antique Golf Clubs

Cast Iron McCormick Tractor Seat 

US Army Buttons

Donna buttons

 2 lamp20240113 091233 01 1arow heads

artifactsaxbeaded purses

belt bukbent wood sledbis. jar2 gal water jug


bowl and metal ice traysbrocC and S store crock2 gal crock

caneschild rockerclock 222commod marble top

Victrol casestand marble top wood boxspong wear pitround coffee table

mag. holderlampiron clockhanging cabinet

indian pitwooden bowl and butter presscrock jugs

coffeecrock bowl 2crock bowls jarsIMG 2697

----------Furniture -----------

Leather Sofa with Matching Chair

sofaleather chair

Leather Recliner

Lift Chair/Recliner

Glider Rocker with foot stool


Office Desk – L shaped and Office chair

TV Stand

End Table

Round Bar height Table with storage and 6 Wooden Bar Stools

Dining Roon Table with 6 chairs, extendable

Kind Size Bed Mattress and Box springs

Regular Size Box springs and Mattress

Iron Bed Frame

Assortment of Dressers

Plant Stands

Kitch Aid Mixer (Red)  New Keurig w/ box

Usual run of household Pots and Pans, Serving dishes. Glasses, Cups, Plates, Bowls

Assortment of Christmas items, decorations

Folding Chairs and Folding Table

Assortment of metal Shelves

Assortment of File Cabinets, 2 and 4 drawer

File Cabinet with safe inside

2- Flat Screen TV’s


Selling at  1pm. MT.   All guns laws will be in effect,  Paper work on firearms will be done by Double 9 Firearms

2013 Winchester Security 9L60 Range Deluxe Model R7240-45 SN WIN 13-083218  Gun Safe

IMG 2696IMG 2694

IMG 2692IMG 2689IMG 2687IMG 2686

IMG 2685IMG 2683IMG 2681IMG 2679IMG 2677IMG 2675IMG 2673IMG 2671IMG 2669eddie firearems 3Eddie firearems 1Eddie firearems 2

Savage Model 220 L-D 20 ga. 2 2/3-3 Single Shot Gun  SN PO24734

Ithaca Full Choke 12 ga. Pump 2 ¾”   SN 566011

Wards Western field 410 Bolt action w/ clip Shot Gun

Benelli- Italy Super Black Eagle II Auto, Vented Rib Benelli Inertia System Shot Gun SN U407942

Browning Double Barrel 12 Ga. 2 2/3- 3” Inventor plus CITORI Special Steel 12 Ga. Over/under Vented Rib, Single gold trigger, Made in Japan Shot Gun (one of a kind)

Mossberg Patriot 243 Cal. WIN Rifle Bolt Action w/ Vortex 3-9x40 scope

Remington 22 Rifle Long Sport master   SN 0X660

Marlin Fire Company Model 3365 Cal 36 Remmington Lever Action Rifle

Winchester Model 70 bolt action 22 hornet Rifle SN 212547

US Springfield Rifle M US 1878 SN 356152   VP   4570

Stevens Double Barrel 12 ga. 2 ¾ Model 311 Double trigger

Richards Side x Side Double trigger

Richards and Co. Belgium Side x Side 12 Ga. Double Trigger

Savage Model 110 Cal. 22. 250 SN F992369

Navy Arms Antonio Zoii 58 Cal. Black Powder SN 29982

Pistol Kel TCC PMR 30 22 Mag SN WP654

Pistol US Army Model OF1911 Colt PT, FAMFG Co. Hartford CT USA # 87205

Colt Defender Pistol Cal .177 4x5 MM SN 13A0543

Ruger 22 Cal Single 6 Pistol SN 382058

Daisy BB Gun Model 96 Reg # C892319

Daisy BB gun Pump Model 107 Reg # 000172 

Assortment of Ammo 

Goose Calls


Kenmore Washer and Dryer Like new

Upright Freezer

Mikes 4x4 3Mikes trailer 3Mikes 4x4 2

20240406 080201 Kramer washer220240406 080224 kramer washer1IMG 2665

2018 John Deere XUV 835  side x side with AC and Heat  8937 miles 1086 hours.

2017 Hillsboro Trailer Model AU7010 5x10 Alum. Trailer with rear ramp

2006 Honda Model TRX 350 4x4  4 wheeler 2865 Miles  449.1 hours  

           Aluma Trailer Model 6810 H 68” x 10 ft Tilt Bed Alum Trailer

2014 North Trail by Heartland Focus Edition 23 ft long , Roof AC, Elec Jack Loaded camper trailer

camper 5

camper 3camper 1camper 3camper 4


20240406 08003020240404 144540

J.D. Model 425 Zero Turn Mower 50" Deck 92 hours 

Aalogin Power Washer Model 544GBD Honda Motor Self Clean unit Like New SN 126885 / 4000 PST

Kohler Model 3255x4 Hot Pressure Washer 

Craftsman YT 4000 Riding mower 342 hrs. 42” Deck B & S. Model 917 motor SN 061711D04718

Earthquake 16” Rear Tiller (nice, like new)

Craftsman self Propelled 7.25 Mower Post Blocker Bagger

Alum Tool boxes, 3 cross box, 1 side mt.

 Misc. Items

Sun Heater           Garden items          Gas Grill

Rakes, Shovels, Hoes,   Garden Hose,

Stationary Exercise Bike   Tread Mill       Metal Lawn Chairs

Patio Set, Round table and 4 Chairs

Owners:  Donna and the late Charles "Eddie" Nichols

Auctioneers Note:  Make plans to attend this outstanding Antique and Household items.   Something for everyone.  Antique and Collectibles hard to find items. You don't want to miss this auction.    Thanks for attending our auctions we appreciate your business.



Terms:  Announcements made by auctioneer on day of sale take precedence over anything written or implied.  Complete payment sale day.  Cash or pre-approved check, No Credit Cards, No property to be removed until settled for.  Not responsible for accidents.  All items sold as is.  Nebraska sales tax will be applied.

All absentee-bids, internet or cellular phones must be approved 48 hours in advance - NO EXCEPTIONS - Call Fanning Auction for instructions.

Thank you for attending our auctions. We appreciate your business.